My name is Jonah Turnquist. I was born in 1990 in California.  I am a currently a student attending Diablo Valley College, and set on transferring to UC Berkeley in 2010.  I am also a web designer and developer.  I am fluent in PHP, html, css and good with jQuery.  My framework of choice is the amazing Yii framework . Before moving to Yii I used to be proficient with CakePHP. I am also a developer on the Yii framework, my main duty being a developer of the official extension library, Zii.


  • Challenge Your Wellness – An online “wellness” challenge (beta still) we are administrate to corporations. We have already successfully administered the program to over 100 employees of TranSystems, and we plan to explore partnerships with other companies.
  • I Owe You – (Aug 2008) [Article] An IOU note management system where you can send your friends IOUs.  My first website written in CakePHP. Not exactly a winner. I’ll say I was young and stupid. Although perhaps the idea wasn’t bad.
  • OpenWebGraphics – (Sep 2007) [Article] A large database of graphics with flexible licenses to be used on websites.  Contains icons, backgrounds and banners.  Created before I had learned any PHP frameworks.
  • GMbase – (Feb 2007) My very first application where users could submit content.
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