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November 14th, 2008

I’ve been wanting to and been procrastinating about creating a new blog for the last year.  And now, on an evening with not much to do, I have done exactly that.  On this blog I will share my thoughts on web development, which for the most part will be on PHP and it’s various frameworks such as CakePHP and possibly Yii.  Also I may throw some thoughts in on my web development as a freelancer and less possibly my experiences with c++ programming.  For the most part though I foresee myself writing about the PHP frameworks CakePHP and Yii.  I have been using CakePHP for the past five months or so and have learned much from it.  Very recently however I have discovered the delicious extra features and flexibility that a php5 only framework like Yii can have over one that supports php4 such as CakePHP.  I am just experimenting with Yii so we will see how that goes.  I will save more detailed comparisons for a future article.

I will also note here that earlier in the archives you will find two articles that are imported from my other blog (with no official name) at that has no real topic.  These two articles were related to web development so I thought “why not.”

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Categories: CakePHP, Web Development, Yii

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