October 11th, 2007

Please note: This blog entry was imported from my old blog and references a previous article that does not exist in this blog.  This article is very old, as I wrote it way before I even knew what a PHP framework was, but personally I think that’s what makes it interesting.

Ok, I know I left you hanging on that last post so here is what’s going on.

Soo, as I said, I’ve been working on this new site. I’ve done a bit of brainstorming for a new site to create that is new and unthought of, and actually useful. So I decided to build a searchable, open graphic resource database for web-designers. I would hold icons, backgrounds (tiles, textures…) and banners. It would be ‘open’, as in so anyone can contribute to the database.

I know your probably thinking, “This is not new, there are plenty on graphic resources on the web”. I say “yes, there are, but they’re not open, and they suck”. I’ve done a bit of researching and all the current ones have the crappiest, most unprofessional graphics that you could imagine. Also, my database is the first to be searchable.

So, first I set out to program this website. This took about a month (I don’t really remember actually…). I used php, as it’s cool, and for the layout I used one by Styleshout. I decided that it would be a good idea to have a database of graphics before I released the site, so I searched the web for icon packs with licenses that allowed me to redistribute them. In total I found 1720 icons and a set of 11 backgrounds. I failed to find any logos, so I made a few of my own. While I was at it I also made a few backgrounds too. Then I released it on September 24.

What’s happened

During the first week of release the website got nearly zero traffic (wait, keep reading). Google had not spidered it until the end of that week, and it had nearly zero backlinks. I advertised it on a few forums, but that was pretty the only source of visitors. For the the entire first week, it got about 860 page views a day (and over a fourth of them were from me).

The next week, the first week of October, was slightly better. 650 page views per day for that week. This was less then last week in total, but after subracting the amount of page views that were actually from me fixing website bugs, it was actually a *bit* more.

Then, on the tenth (yesterday), things improved, allot. Apparently, this popular Japanese blog (Link, google translated version) actually blogged(!) about my new site. Yes, their blog is in Japanese, and my site is in English, but I guess their blog was meant for a multi-language people. Anyways, it must be a popular blog because they refered 532 people to my site in that one day! I then checked and found my site had been bookmarked 31 times that day. It went from 4 bookmarks to 31 bookmarks in one day. With such a high percent increase, it even got onto the “popular page”. That gave me another 131 visitors. By the end of the day I had 5592 page views. That’s a 860% increase from the week before! I also had two ad clicks (yay! 54 cents).

Although I do not have the statistics for today, by looking at the raw statistics stored on my dreamhost server I can see that I have already reached the amount of page hits for today that I had in total yesterday. And it’s only 1pm! It should increase still yet. I also checked and I’ve gotton still yet another 79 bookmarks. Also, I found yet another person blogged about my site, this time in Spanish (what’s up with that? Link, google translated).

That’s all the data I have now, but I’ll be sure to blog on this again, so stay tuned. This site should still grow much more as more people link to it.

Oh ya, also, if you want to check out this new site I’m talking about, it’s here

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  1. Okapi

    Congrats! Nice website too. The only reason I am commenting on this old post is that I was actually looking for a website similar to this one the other day and now – when not even searching for it – I find it. Thanks :)

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